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By the time you read this post, you would have the news of Lockdown Extension in India. While the nation is under Lockdown 4.0 and everybody is concerned about the business scenario from now on, we are yet to attend the important questions of the Exit Strategy. In other words, how will we unwind the Lockdown?

We should call this Period as “Period of Care (PoC)”, and terms like ‘Social distancing’ should be called ‘Safe Distancing’, for us and for the Guests and Employees.

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Service with a smile is not possible behind the mask. But, if a mask needs to be worn to protect health, that’s absolutely fine–your service and spirit of service should make the guest smile.

Here are some measures which should be considered once the Lockdown is lifted in your respective regions,

  • Instead of ATG and Cold Towels - a sanitizer shot for the Guest’s hands will be the best welcome to the Hotel.
  • Hot drinking water/a flask of warm water in the guest room will be better than cold welcome drink.
  • Encourage Guest to use Hotel cars for airport transfers – you may also go for discounted rates to facilitate purchases.
  • Consider gradually opening of Restaurants, extended hours for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner timings as per need, the Odd-Even rule can be considered.
  • Avoid buffet meals–any case the house count during the PoC will probably be small.
  • Avoid happy hours and other services that can attract a crowd.
  • Strictly evaluate which common facilities should be operated and how these are to be maintained and controlled–considering this for a limited period even after the government relaxes norms. Particularly for Pools, Gym, Kid play area–At least ensure limited numbers to achieve social distancing.
  • Set your norms to guest flow and hygiene for the banquet events – if the Authorities gradually allow larger groups of people to gather, exercise due caution.
  • Minimize cash handling, set norms to sanitize currency notes.
  • Insist on credit card payments as much as possible. Consider Sanitizing EDC machine at regular intervals.
  • Review Credit limit granted to companies/travel agencies–(if required re-visit the contract). You want revenue, but also cash flow, hence suggest insisting on direct payment as much as practicable.
  • Review housekeeping staffing considering the additional time requirements and train to clean rooms to a higher health standard and more elaborate process.
  • Reduce in-person sales calls – be digital.
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If you advertise that your operations maintain a standard of care relating to sensitization, clean and health -covering spaces and people in your operations, make sure these are stringently followed. An un-kept promise is worse than the lack of promise.

Please do write to us with the measures ’You’ are taking as precautions during this “Period of Care”.



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