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 Usually I don't read books over one's, but IKIGAI - A Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Living is one of the few books worth reading over and over again, so I did, to absorb and surround my life with IKIGAI concept. 
Let's first learn the pronunciation of IKIGAI - pronounce IKIGAI with a smiling face, showing your teeth, stretching and putting force on EE, followed with KEE and GAI. The actual worth of this word starts from pronouncing it in the described manner with a smiling face. You can now try it before reading rest of the post...................... I hope you enjoyed its pronunciation.

Hello my name is Ankit Kapoor, this post is about IKIGAI, How it helped me to fight anxiety caused due to current world condition. COVID-19 has changed the life of many in the last 4 months. It changed my life too, but I was amongst very few of the ones who could cope up with it and even some of us rediscovered ourself and came out with bright rainbow colours. So, what is IKIGAI? the world which you are reading since the beginning of this post.

What is IKIGAI?

IKIGAI is the happiness of always being busy; it is the reason to live; reason for being; a reason to jump out of your bed in the morning. If you focus on IKIGAI, it will give a purpose to be YOU each and every day. 
This word originated from Okinawa in Japan, where they have most centenarians in the world. 'IKI means Life; GAI means Worth', Life's worth, or Life's Purpose. It shows a path to four different directions, 
1) Do what you love, 
2) Do what you are good at, 
3) Do what the world needs, 
4) Do what you can get paid for. 

The Point where 1) and 2) meet is your Passion.
The Point where 1) and 3) meet is your Mission.
The Point where 2) and 4) meet is your Profession.
The Point where 3) and 4) meet is your Vocation.

IKIGAI is found at the intersection of all the four Directions, 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Your focus should be to reach at the point where all the four directions intersect.
Follow the below diagram by Mark Winn.

ikigai, ikigai test, ikigai pronunciation, ikigai pdf, ikigai means, ikigai meaning,ikigai japanese, ikigai examples, ikigai definition

How to find IKIGAI?

As per Ken Mogi - The very important aspect of Ikigai is you start from minor things, appreciating minor success and little joys of life. Ikigai is your personal joy, it really don't matter on any other person's likes or dislikes. It is your private joy and you should appreciate all those joys, it really doesn't matter if society will praise you or not .
Everyone has an IKIGAI, some have already found it and rest are still in search, though they carry it within them, deep within them. According to Japanese, Ikigai is well within us, somewhere hidden deep inside and finding it requires a patient search.

There are 10 rules to implement Ikigai in your day-to-day life written by Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles,

  1. Stay Active; Don't Retire - Don't give up the things you love doing and don't lose your purpose to live, make progress, help and shape the world around you.
  2. Take it Slow - 'Being in a hurry is inversely proportional to quality of life'. Walk slowly and you will go far. To be more mindful of your decisions, take things slowly. 
  3. Don't Fill Your Stomach to 100% - There is a Japanese saying "Hara Hachi Bu", which means "Fill your belly to 80 percent". Of course, there is no way to know if your stomach is 80 percent full, the learning is to stop eating once you feel you don't need that extra dessert or a Pie after meal.
  4. Remain Connected and Surround yourself with Good Friends - Have close bond with local community, celebrate your wins and take part in theirs. 
  5. Get in Shape - Exercise and move enough to keep it running for a long time, no heavy exercise required. Exercise connects Mind and Body, a healthy mind results from a healthy body. To keep your mind young, exercise and move regularly, Like Water, it is at its best when it flows fresh and doesn't stagnate.
  6. Smile - A cheerful attitude is not only relaxing - it helps make friends. Peace begins with a Smile. :)
  7. Reconnect with Nature - Human beings are made to be part of the natural world. People living in cities should often return to it to recharge their batteries.
  8. Give Thanks - Appreciate the nature, your ancestors, your family and friends, everything that brightens you days and make to feel lucky to be alive.
  9. Live the Moment - Today is all you have, live the day and stop regretting your past and worrying about the future.
  10. Follow your IKIGAI - Follow what you love, live your passion, a unique talent that gives meaning to your days and drives you to share the best of yourself until the very end.

How it helps fight Stress and Depression?

ikigai test, ikigai pronunciation, ikigai pdf, ikigai means, ikigai meaning,ikigai japanese, ikigai examples, ikigai definition

Anxiety is associated with an unknown future in the face of various conflicts and types of confusion. Any stress can cause anxiety, and if it continues with no proper solution, it can lead to depression (Atkinson - Introduction to Psychology)
 As per the research, Ikigai contributes to well-balanced secretion of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins, which reduces the feeling of stress. 
It helped the Japanese to fight the Stress and helped many people cope with the enormous earthquake in March 2011.


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    1. Thank you for reading and I am glad you find it interesting. IKIGAI way of living is very much helpful to live a healthy life; a life which has meaning and a purpose.

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